Rave Reviews

"A few months in advance of getting this job, CEO of EnCana Corporation, I hired a coach… The coaching helped me a great deal in recognizing my impact on others, which is something you don’t think of as you are going up in the organization. The biggest thing I learned was giving that little extra thought when I approach a subject – being aware of the unintended consequences."
Randy Eresman, former CEO of EnCana Corporation as reported in Canada’s Globe and Mail Newspaper in an article April 16, 2007.
In 2007, EnCana won a “PRISM” award from the International Coach Federation, Calgary Chapter. This award is given to organizations demonstrating excellence as a result of coaching.
"Nancy has a strong, action oriented approach to her coaching and consulting services. She builds rapport quickly and demonstrates an air of confidence while interacting with all levels of leadership. Having worked in corporate/business environments she has a strong sense of the context in which her clients operate. This helps her to quickly build credibility and to provide support in a way that is meaningful and pragmatic."
Coaching Client, Oil & Gas Company
"I began my coaching work with Nancy with the intention of changing some habits and working on communication. Coaching has provided great insights on these topics and more. I now feel more connected and engaged with my team and am excited to continue my leadership coaching. Team coaching has enabled us to deliberately work on creating our desired culture and explore key elements of a successful team. This work has certainly been well received throughout the entire team."
Neil Robertson, Vice-President & Comptroller
"Nancy's presentation on 'High Performing Teams' was enlightening. Nancy is a very polished and professional speaker. The presentation was very interesting and Nancy's interaction with the audience made the session very enchanting. Nancy is a very down to earth person and very easy to work with."
Meghana Dholabhai, 2010/2011 Programs Governor, Institute of Internal Auditors Calgary Chapter
"You are truly an amazing facilitator. You are very polished and professional as well as being a lot of fun in a classroom. I really appreciate all your suggestions and ideas for my situation."
Training Consultant, SAIT Polytechnic
"As a direct result of your coaching, I made significant changes to the way that I approach leadership. Using results from a 360 review and interviews with leaders in my company, we developed an effective leadership plan focusing on specific areas of development. This provided me with a concrete plan to improve leadership capabilities, qualities and focus. In addition, I was fairly new in my role and was facing a number of significant changes in my department and company. Our work was invaluable in helping me navigate these changes while setting me up for success."
Hildebrandt Kurtis, Director, Enmax, Regulatory Applications
"As we approach the conclusion of our coaching engagement, I want to thank you for your time, wisdom, insight and encouragement. You have guided me through a process of self-exploration and have provided access to ideas and tools that I have already put into practice. As I look ahead, I feel more confident, more capable and more connected to myself, my job and my purpose. I thus feel not that we are at the end of something, but at the beginning of a new and exciting phase of my career. Whatever the finish line may look like, I'll always appreciate how you've helped me get to the starting line. I'm ready for the gun. Thanks, Coach!"
Rod Garossino, Senior Community Investment Advisor, EnCana Corporation

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